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ISSN (Online): 0975-8232,
ISSN (Print): 2320-5148

International Journal Of
Pharmaceutical Sciences And Research

Inclusion in Web of Science (Thomson Reuters) - ESCI
Projected Impact Factor (2017): 0.59 , ICV (2015): 90.24
Five-Year Projected Impact Factor: 1.83

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Conference Proceedings

  1. 1st International Conference on ” New Horizons in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Biomedical Sciences” NHPBMS-2013, Dehradun (UK), India
  2. 17th Annual Convention of Society of Pharmacognosy & International Symposium on Frontiers in Herbal Cosmetics and Nutraceuticals”, Dehradun (UK), India
  3. National Conference on “Protoscience, Health & Well Being: Global concern and Approach”, 7-8th March 2013
  4. National Conference on ” Human papillomavirus and control of cervical cancer – Current Scenario” , 16-17th March 2013
  5. AICTE Sponsored national seminar on Drug Discovery and Development: Traditional Medicine and Ethnopharmacology Perspectives” 19th October, 2013 , Indore (MP), India
  6. Seminar report
  7. Enabling Future Pharma -The New Role of NIH, Academia and Patient-Based Organizations in Drug Discovery towards Rare and Neglected Diseases” July 09-12, 2014, Bloomingdale, Chicago, USA
  8. The 3st International Meeting on Pharmaceutical Sciences (RICiFa 2014),  18th and 19th September 2014, Córdoba (Argentine)
  9. International Seminar on Pharmaceutical Science and Technology (ISPST) ” September 16-19 , 2014, Bandung, Jatinangor, West Java, Indonesia
  10. National Conference on Novel Tools and Treatment Approaches in Health Care System, March 3, 2015, Faculty of Pharmacy Integral University Lucknow, UP, India
  11. National Conference on Realization of Bioethics in Medical and Biological Research, February 14, 2014, Department of Zoology Dev Samaj Post Graduate College for Women Firozpur City – 152002, Punjab, India
  12. Association of Pharmaceutical Teachers of India 2oth National Convention – 2015 [APTICON 2015]
  13. Oman Pharmaceutical Conference 2015, Muscat, Oman
  14. 1st International Conference on Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research (ICPSR 2016) on Developing Pharmacy Education – A Policy and Practice Perspectives organized by Indian Pharmaceutical Association (IPA) Anantapuramu Branch, Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh
  15. 16th Indian Pharmaceutical Association (IPA) MP meet 2016, “Employability in Pharmacy Profession – Current Scenario and Future Prospects organized by Indian Pharmaceutical Association, MP State branch on 13th March 2016
  16.  2nd National Symposium on Emerging Trends in Biological Sciences (NSETB 2016).
  17. 1st International Congress on Medicine, Public Health and Biological Sciences, 18-19 September 2016, Tehran – Iran (MPHBS 2016).
  18. National conference on “Understanding the molecular mechanisms and challenges of complex diseases (UMCCD-2)” from 24th -25th January, 2017.